ArcTop Labs Stopped its operation in 2019

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A Data Technology Company

Working on solving Big Data problem of connected Applications/Devices that generate Data using our Data Platform. Building low cost customized solution on Data Platform keeping Security, Future BigData, ML & AI needs for all types of Business.
With our solutions, you have nil own server setup and fast development cycle built on top of
Next Generation Data Platform

ArcTop Labs Stopped its operation in 2019

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Our Data Technology Offering

Our ‘Data as Platform Service’ framework offer a vast range of Solutions that significantly minimize overall cost for our clients.

Data Integration

Seamless Integration between multiple application, devices or software using our customized development and services that minimize the overall cost by factor of 4.

Data Subscription Model

Through our API framework organization's share meaningful data from internal DataLake as Web Service and have Subscription Model that generate Revenue, This protect them from Illegal Data Theft from web crawlers.

Single Page Solution

Our single page solution offer representation of data generate from any System of Records (SoR) through API framework to be available on other platform be it Mobile, Application or Device.

IoT's Data Solution

Concentrate on your Connected (Iot) Devices and let our API framework solve you Data need, with which your IoT's connect to data anywhere any time on server-less environment.

Data Analytics

Connect our API with any available Analytical tools or Open source graph library. Avoid paying for license and recurring fee for proprietary tools that are good for nothing and require trained professional to operate them.

Task Automation

Let us help you to Automate repeated task using our Scheduling framework, organize Jobs/Scripts to run exactly on time repeatedly, check the activity logs for success and failure.

Benefits and Features

Hand Crafted with Details

We build client specific customized solution as per requirements, identifying the right tools to give highly efficient solutions.

Data on Cloud

With our defined 'Unstructured Data on Internet Cloud' (UDIC) Protocol, data can be easily accessed by connected App/Device.

Light and Fast Programming

With our expertise on multiple programming languages we build accurate and fast code keeping high speed processing of ‘BIG Data’ in mind.

Data Security and Ownership

Ownership and Security of client data is our top priority. We make continuous effort to ensure secure data access along with its speed and ownership.

24/7 Help & Support

Our support team is available 24X7 to solve client specific issues as quickly as possible.

Per Day Costing

Customized Development is been charged at Low cost on Per Day basis. This gives freedom to build the right solution at very low cost.


We grow together with New Era Technology

Graduate in Computer Science & engineering from NIT Rourkela(2006). With 11+ years of Technology product development in business areas like Travel and Tourism, Social Network, Human Resources platforms. Key player in creating Technology products in PeopleStrong HR Service Pvt Ltd., Gurugram, India.

Founder, Technology Enthusiast

Research Associate from IIT Kanpur, having rich Education background of B.Tech (SIT Vidisha) and M.Tech (VIT Vellor), connected with like minded people who share thoughtful development and innovative ideas.

Advisor, Innovation & Academic Networking

About Us

"We are Technology Geeks who love to write Algorithms and Programming Codes. Data is only factor connecting millions of application, IoT's, Human and we are solving that problem."             

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